Lake Jocassee {Personal}

A while back I had the urge just to get away from it all, be on my own and go camping.  I mean I’ll be honest, I have that urge often, but this time I actually did it.  Most people thought it was a little sad to be out camping on my own, but for me it was heaven.
After searching around for a good place take my kayak and go fishing, I remembered one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been to, Lake Jocassee in SC.  I called right away and of course they were booked for the weekend…so that meant I had to wait till Monday to do my spontaneous adventures.
Finally Monday came and I loaded my kayak on top of my car in the rain and headed south.  It happened to rain most of the time I was there so taking pictures wasn’t always an option, in fact I’m lucky I even remembered to take my camera.
Most of these pictures are from 3 separate moments on my trip and only one of those moments was from when I was actually on the water.  Taking it on my kayak made me super nervous so you guys don’t get too many “action” shots, though I kinda wish I would have taken it out again because I saw so many more gorgeous landscapes the next day.
I’m not really a landscape photographer so if these don’t blow you away, it’s because these are more touristy shots than anything else.
I went thinking I was going to only go for 2 nights but ended up loving it so much I stayed an extra night, you can probably see why.

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