The Sanderson Wedding


That should be the title of this post.  So much of it, everywhere, can’t get away from it even if you tried!  Smiles are everywhere and they are contagious.  I’m not going to lie, I might have even teared up during this ceremony.  I mean not full on cry, because I’m a big tough man, but maybe something got in my eye or… something.

Anyway!  So this is Ezelis (Izzy) and Allen.  I met Izzy about 6 years ago while we were both on staff at a kids camp, Centri-Kid.  I can say with confidence that she is one of the top ten most joyful people in the world.  All of the big smiles in the pictures below are genuine and full of love.  I could quickly tell after meeting Allen that Izzy has found an amazing man who is perfect for her and who loves her tremendously.

If you might notice something different while going through these pictures: there is a lot of hand movement and big expressions.  That’s because there was large group from the Deaf and hearing impaired community in attendance.  Allen and most of his wedding party are deaf and although Izzy has full hearing, most of her family is Deaf. It’s through her experience with them that she has mastered sign language.  Izzy and Allen really are quite perfect for each other.  On a side note, shooting these guys was a dream come true.  As a photographer, you want as much genuine expression as you can get from the subject; these two “subjects” and all of their friends had plenty, making for some great shots.  In fact, I will go ahead and apologize for the overwhelming amount of pictures I’ve posted.  Way too hard to pick through them!




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