The Whiddon Wedding

While many weddings often have a uniqueness to them that make them special to the couple and to that couple only.  This one had a different angle to that term.
I often like to meet up with my clients the week before the wedding to go over all the last second details to make sure we are all on the same page with everything.  Usually the bride has everything planned out and knows everything that should be going on, pretty typical stuff.  The only difference with my meeting with Maegan was that as the end of the meeting she let me know that her parents have gotten them a surprise person to officiate their wedding, that’s not quite as typical.
I was just as clueless as them until the day of the wedding when her mom pulled me outside to let me know all that was going on and my immediate thoughts were how out of left field this was…in an awesome, hilarious way.
She asked if I ever watch Tru TV, I said yes.  She asked if I’ve ever heard of Lizard Lick Towing, I said yes, but nothing was clicking in my head yet. Then she let me know that Ron, Amy and Bobby from the show were coming to the wedding on a couple of motorcycles and that Ron was going to be officiating the wedding.  This was certainly a first for me but I couldn’t have been more excited to work with everyone to get everything just right.
Besides having reality stars show up at the wedding, we can’t forget about the fact that it was Maegan and Harley’s day.  I had such a great time spending the day with both of them and the whole wedding party.  Everyone had welcoming charm to them and above all else, the young couple seemed giddy over each other.  You would have assumed that they just started dating each other last week and that’s exactly the kind of thing I love to see when I shoot weddings.

The young ones stole the show for a little bit, couldn’t help but snap some shots!


I finally found a couple with the guts to have a cake fight! Finally! (I wouldn’t recommend this to every groom) haha
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